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Texas Medicaid

Latest Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) from Texas HHS

During a public health threat, HHSC must quickly mobilize to help Texans. Public health threats can affect clients and providers. HHSC has information available for people receiving services and providers to learn about finding help with HHS programs during and after a public health threat. HHSC will update specific information on both pages to ensure accurate information is provided to both clients and providers. To learn more visit

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) has retained Magellan Medicaid Administration to provide Preferred Drug List (PDL) development and management and Supplemental Rebate contracting services. Provider Synergies, LLC is an affiliate of Magellan Medicaid Administration, and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Magellan Health Services in 2009.

Magellan Medicaid Administration provides HHSC and the Texas Drug Utilization Review (DUR) Board with independent and thorough review and analysis of published, peer-reviewed data regarding the relative safety and efficacy of drug products within a given Therapeutic Drug Class. Combining this clinical data with cost information, Magellan Medicaid Administration makes a determination of the value of each drug within the Class. This information is among that considered by the DUR Board in developing its PDL recommendations to HHSC.

Information regarding the Texas Medicaid Drug Addition Process and eCOI, can be found here.

Information regarding the Texas Drug Utilization Review (DUR) Board, along with the current Texas Medicaid PDL, can be found here.

Upcoming Product Review Information

Texas Medicaid Conditions of Participation

Request for Offers

Participation in the Supplemental Rebate Process for Texas Medicaid

The Offer Form provides the mechanism for you to submit your proposals for the Supplemental Rebate program.

Once your company has provided contact information to Provider Synergies, your company's designated representatives will be notified when one or more of your products are under consideration for the PDL.

Line Extension Form

The Line Extension Form provides the mechanism for your company to submit line extensions for the Supplemental Rebate program.

For questions about the PDL, please contact Provider Synergies at 513-774-8500.