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Maryland Medicaid

In June 2003, The Maryland Department of Health (the "MDH") retained Provider Synergies to provide Preferred Drug List (PDL) management and supplemental rebate contracting services to the MDH.

Useful Links

P&T Meeting Public Testimony Request Form

The Public Testimony Registration Form must be submitted to request testimony time at the upcoming P&T meeting.

Registration Dates: 3/18/2022 through 4/21/2022

MMPP website: To register, potential speakers must complete the form at: MarylandPDLQuestions. The deadline for registering to speak at the May 2022 meeting is to be determined.

Participation in the Supplemental Rebate Process for Maryland Medicaid

This state is now participating in the TOP$ program.

Once your company has provided contact information to Provider Synergies, your company's designated representatives will be notified when one or more of your products are under consideration for the PDL.

For questions about the PDL, please e-mail