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Idaho Medicaid

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has contracted with Provider Synergies LLC to provide consultation and support for the Department's Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee and the Department's Preferred Drug List (PDL), including Supplemental Rebate negotiation and contracting.

The Idaho P&T Committee, comprised of professionals from the Idaho medical community, reviews evidence-based clinical reports and receives public testimony in order to determine the relative safety and efficacy of the drugs within each therapeutic class. Once the Committee has completed their evaluation, they provide the Department with recommended PDL statuses for each drug reviewed. The Department reviews the cost of the drugs under consideration, net of mandated Federal rebates and negotiated Supplemental Rebates, and implements the Committee’s recommendations in a cost efficient and clinically sound manner.

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Participation in the Supplemental Rebate Process for Idaho Medicaid

Idaho is a participating state in the TOP$ program.

Once your company has provided contact information to Provider Synergies, your company's designated representatives will be notified when one or more of your products are under consideration for the PDL.

For questions about the PDL/Supplemental Rebate program, please contact Provider Synergies at 513/774.8500.