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Georgia Medicaid

The Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) has authorized Magellan Medicaid Administration to solicit and contract for supplemental rebates for the Georgia Medicaid Fee-for-Service program in preparation for the May 1st, 2018 Drug Utilization Review (DUR) Board meeting.

DCH will be splitting the Preferred Drug List (PDL) review process into two meetings, one meeting in May and the other meeting in November. Magellan Medicaid Administration has sent/will send solicitations to manufacturers of drugs within PDL classes that will be reviewed in May as well as new products that have come to market and are available from the previous (approximately) 6 months and have not been reviewed. For those products that are currently contracted today and are within PDL classes that are scheduled for review in November, Magellan Medicaid Administration will be sending a contract extension to maintain the existing position on the PDL until the November review time has concluded.

In short, manufacturers who have not received a solicitation for the May DUR Board meeting will be receiving a contract extension. All other manufacturers should have already received a solicitation with the exception of new products that will be reviewed at the May DUR Board meeting.

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Request for Offers

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Offer Forms

The Offer Form provides the mechanism for you to submit your proposals for the Supplemental Rebate program.

Line Extension Form

The Line Extension Form provides the mechanism for your company to submit line extensions for the Supplemental Rebate program.

Questions pertaining to the PDL process or P&T review should be directed to Chris Andrews.