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Connecticut Medicaid

In accordance with Connecticut legislation, a Pharmaceutical & Therapeutics (P&T) Committee has been established and appointed by the Governor. The HP/Provider Synergies team has been selected to manage the PDL and supplemental rebate processes.

HP is the Department's fiscal intermediary and drug rebate program administrator and has chosen to partner with Provider Synergies, the premier company in the management of PDLs and the negotiation of supplemental rebates, to design, implement and manage a PDL for the State of Connecticut's Medical Assistance Pharmacy Programs. The intent of the PDL is to achieve quality pharmaceutical care for clients served by the Department's Medical Assistance Programs while providing optimal state savings. Provider Synergies' Proven Results for State clients have been independently documented.

The HP/Provider Synergies team provides project management, P&T support, PDL development and ongoing management, supplemental rebate negotiation and standard and ad hoc reports. The team works in conjunction with Connecticut's newly established P&T Committee.

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Participation in the Supplemental Rebate Process for Connecticut Medicaid

This state is now participating in the TOP$ program.

The Offer Form provides the mechanism for you to submit your proposals for the Supplemental Rebate program.

Once your company has provided contact information to Provider Synergies, your company's designated representatives will be notified when one or more of your products are under consideration for the PDL.

For questions about the PDL, please e-mail