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Our proven process of combining clinical safety and efficacy with cost-effective therapy allows our clients to be more effective purchasers of medications. We have designed broad Preferred Drug Lists that give physicians a wide range of choices in caring for their patients, while delivering significant savings for our clients.

Mortar and Pestal

Provider Synergies creates a win-win situation by reducing the cost of therapy while maintaining clinically equivalent medications within a therapeutic class.

A Preferred Drug List (PDL) program that includes a rebate program will save significantly more money than a program without the rebate program. Given that a group of medications is clinically equivalent, rebates can greatly reduce the cost of therapy within a therapeutic class. Although savings can be realized from movement to lower AWP products within a therapeutic class, the majority of savings associated with a PDL program are achieved through a rebate program.

Complementary strategies to preserve savings include disease management, delivering better drug and patient level information to prescribers at the point of care and buying generic medications more efficiently. Along with implementation of such initiatives, the integration of a PDL with a Prior Authorization (PA) program provides for a seamless interface that assures provision of clinical excellence delivered in a cost-effective manner.

Our Model

Provider Synergies provides our clients with open, accurate and timely information regarding clinical review, rebate generation and other pharmacy benefit agreements.

  • Preferred Drug List Recommendations
    We ensure your team's complete understanding of the impact of preferred drug list decisions on physician practice, quality of care, the flow of rebate dollars and net drug spend to your organization. We proactively discuss opportunities where interventions can produce reduced expenditures and/or improve rebate revenue while maintaining broad member access to quality pharmaceuticals.
  • Manufacturer Agreements
    Provider Synergies classifies all administrative fees, data management fees, data sales fees and professional service fees as rebates. In short, Provider Synergies does not reclassify revenue attributable to your claims and retain it for our own account. All funds generated as a result of a client's claims, however classified by the manufacturer, are provided to the client.
  • Value-Added Support
    We seek funding on your behalf for programs that you identify as important to you or your customers.

Provider Synergies has worked successfully with multiple state claims processors and prior authorization vendors, allowing our clients the flexibility to choose the fiscal agents and other vendors that best suit their needs. Coordination with the client's claims processor is simplified by Provider Synergies' ability to modify its NDC-PDL reports to meet the needs of the client.

Provider Synergies demonstrates our expertise in developing integrated Preferred Drug Lists (PDLs) and contracting strategies in our past and current performance for our clients. Combining knowledge and understanding of each client's goals together with full disclosure of the clinical rationale and financial opportunities allows Provider Synergies and its clients to more accurately predict the results of each decision that is made.