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About Us

Provider Synergies, LLC was founded in 1997 by healthcare professionals with extensive experience in P&T management and contracting to help clients solve emerging challenges associated with the delivery of pharmaceutical care.

Our main areas of focus are:

  • Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee Management
  • Preferred Drug List Management
  • Pharmaceutical Contracting
  • Pharmaceutical Contract Administration
  • Coordination of Disease Management Programs

We provide state of the art services and personal attention to each client. Our experience within the marketplace enables us to develop customized programs and alliances with industry to produce maximum results. We maintain independence from pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, chain pharmacies and large insurance carriers which eliminates the potential for divergent interests and guarantees that the focus remains on the goals of our clients.

We believe that better information leads to better decisions. Clinical, financial and contracting must be integrated to provide optimal results in today's pharmacy environment. Our clients receive full information from each of these areas so that informed decisions can be made regarding product selection and performance. Our expertise in developing an integrated Preferred Drug List and contracting strategy is demonstrated in our past and current performance for our clients.

One method is not correct for every client. Flexibility is an important element of our approach. Our clients are free to choose their own Preferred Drug List based on their goals. Combining knowledge of their goals with full disclosure of the clinical rationale and financial opportunities allows our clients to more accurately predict the results of any decisions that are made. All of our services are aimed at improving the clinical and financial performance of the clients we serve.